8 Runners Tip for Beginners


Why did you decide to start running?

Some people get the strength to go running after a long day of work or school because the reason for their goal is dedicated to something very special.

1. Special reasons:

A loved one with a physical condition or disability or a very special person who passed away. Physical health such as the need to lose weight, heart problems, diabetes, anxiety or other physical health condition. Want to participate in a marathon. Raise funds for any special affiliation or donation. Think and reflect that makes you have the need to start running.

2. Proper sneakers!

To start you should check what type of shoes are best for your type of foot, training place and distance which you think you start running. Sneakers with a lot of cushion are suitable for long distances. Lightweight sneakers are for track and recommended for short distances. There are others of all terrain, those are very good for run at forests and areas where the terrain is not uniform. If you finally have new shoes, remember to try them days before, using them to walk all day. A specific footwear tea will help increase your physical activity avoiding injuries.

3. Warm up and Stretch!

Do not forget to warm up before your stretch. Start walking between 800 meters to a mile then continue with your stretch. Why start Warm-up and then stretch? For example: A cook can not cut or handle a frozen meat! When the meat is defrosted it is more flexible and easy to handle. The same goes for the human body, you can injure yourself or break some muscle by stretching without proper warm-up.

4. Take a watch with you! To manage your time and you can keep a record. So you can see your process.

5. Long walks!

To begin it is necessary to get used to long distances! So you’re gaining cardiovascular endurance!

•Walk fast, 2 miles in the first week.

•For the second week, walk a mile and then intervals of 200m jogging and 400m walking, and so on until the second mile ends.

•In the third week, walk a mile and proceed with the intervals but this time 400m jogging and 200m walking until finishing the second mile.

•Week 4, walk fast two miles, then do intervals of 400m jogging and 200m walking to finish with mile number 3.

•As early as week 5, the first mile begins jogging. Then walk 400m, run 800m, walk 400m to finish the second mile. Trot on the third mile.

•Week 6, run two miles and combine the intervals in the week.

6. Hydration! Take enough water! The body is 90% water! So you need to enjoy good hydration!

7. Nutrition!

A good balanced diet will help you in your physical performance! Remember to eat all your meals a day. Eat carbohydrates, proteins and natural fats!

8. Do not forget to rest! It is necessary to rest one day per week. It is vital for the recovery of muscles and physical performance. We have a goal and we do not want to suffer from any injury.

Thanks for reading the first post on my blog! I hope it helps you! Remember to stay focused on your goals, you are able to achieve anything!

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